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 Proms (concerts in Britain)
 Prontosil - the first sulphanilimide
  - effective in puerperal sepsis
 propaganda - and early printing
 prophets - in the Old Testament
 Prophetstown - destroyed in 1811
 proprietary colonies - in British America
 proscenium arch - the first
 proscriptions - of Sulla in 82 BC
 Prospect Hill - and the Grand Union Flag
 Prospect of Whitby (Wapping)
 prostitutes - enforced hospitalisation in 16th century
  - get their own hospital
 protector (in Britain)
 Protectorate (1653-9)
  - and Commonwealth
 proteins - first stirrings of life
 Protestant - origin of name
  - at first restricted to Lutherans
 Protestant martyrs - under Mary I
 Protestant Union - in 1608
 Protestation - at Speyer in 1529
  - of parliament in 1621
 Proudman, Elizabeth - Chengde and Leigh Park
 Prouille - first convent of St Dominic
 Provence - and the troubadours
 Providence - and Roger Williams
 Provisional Government - in Russia in 1917
 Provisional IRA - from 1969
  - as splinter group
 Provisional Sinn Fein - and Gerry Adams
 Provisions of Oxford - and Henry III
 Prowse, W.J. - poem to Alfred Mynn
 Prozac - treatment for depression
 Prudential (insurance company)
 Prufrock (Eliot)
  - tour through time
  - and the Teutonic knights
  - and the Hohenzollern
  - ceded to Poland in treaty of Torun
  - new status as a kingdom
  - at war with Napoleon in 1806-7
  - role in the late 19th century
 Prut river - battle in 1711
 prutaneis - presidents in Athenian council
 Przemsyl - in World War I
 Przewalski's horse - discovered in 1870s
 Psalms - in the Bible
  - scroll discovered by Origen in a jar
 PSDB - political party in Brazil
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