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 postage - in Britain in 17th century
  - in Massachussetts in 17th century
 post chaise - from the 18th century
 postcode (in Britain)
 Postgate, Raymond - Good Food Guide
 Postman Pat (cartoon character)
 Post Office (in Britain)
 posts and post stages - in mail systems
 Potala - palace in Lhasa
 potato - cultivated in ancient Peru
  - transplanted from America
  - in British Isles
  - and the blight of 1845-7
 Pot Black (TV)
 Potemkin - battleship in 1905
 Potgieter, Hendrik - and the Great Trek
 Potidaea - threatened by Athens in 432 BC
 Potomac - selected as site for Washington
 Potosí - silver and tin mines
  - growth in population
 Potsdam - summit in 1945
  - brief account
 Pott, Percival
  - and cataract surgery
  - describes 'sweep's' cancer
  - on fractures
 Potter, Beatrix
 Potter, Dennis
 Potter, Stephen
 Potteries (region in Britain)
 potter's wheel - in Mesopotamia
  - tour through time
  - and the Mochica
 poultry - domesticated
 pound - origin as a coin
  - as unit in Britain
  - in your pocket (Wilson)
 pound locks - in canals
 pour encourager les autres - death of Byng
 Poussin, Nicolas
  - in Belvoir Castle
  - selected paintings
 Powderhall, Edinburgh
 Powell, Anthony
 Powell, Enoch
 Powell and Moya - Chichester Festival Theatre
 Power and the Glory (Greene)
 power loom - invented by Cartwright
 Powhatan confederacy - and Jamestown
 Powis Castle, Powys
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