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 Poppy Day
 Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman
  - of Britain in 1991
 porcelain - discovered in T'ang dynasty
  - European quest for the secret
  - soft- and hard-paste
  - and J.F. Böttger
 Porlock (Somerset)
  - a person from
 porphyria - and George III
 Porphyry - pupil of Plotinus
 porridge (oatmeal)
 Porridge (TV series)
 Port Arthur - seized by Russia in 1898
 port - origins of the fortified wine
  - brief account
 Portales, Diego - caudíllo in Chile
 Portalis, Jean - and the Code Napoléon
  - Japanese attack in 1904
  - under Japanese control from 1905
 Porte - origin of name in Istanbul
 Porter, Endymion - portrait by Dobson
 Portillo, José López - in Mexico
 Portinari, Beatrice - and Dante
 Portinari, Tommaso - banker in Bruges
 Portinari Altarpiece - by van der Goes
 Port Jackson - the site of Sydney
 Portland cement
 Portland stone
 Portland vase - and Roman glass
  - and Wedgwood
 Portmeirion (Gwynedd)
 Port Natal - and Piet Retief
  - taken by the British in 1842
 Portobello Road (London)
 Portobelo - and Spanish trade
 portolan charts - for mariners
 Porton Down (Wilts)
 Porto Santo - colonized by Portuguese
 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog
 Port-Royal - and Louis XIV
 Port Said - and the Suez Crisis of 1956
 Portsmouth, NH - treaty of 1905
 Portsmouth, UK - and Admiral Byng
  - brief history of town
  - D-day Museum
 Port Stanley - in the Falklands War
 Port Sunlight (near Liverpool)
 Port Talbot (Bristol Channel)
  - tour through time
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