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 police (in Britain)
 poliomyelitis - history of the disease
 polis - the Greek city-state
 Polisario - in the Western Sahara
 Polish corridor - in the 1930s
 Polish Succession - war of 1733-8
 Political Discourses - by Hume
 political parties (in Britain)
 Political Register - and William Cobbett
 Politics - by Aristotle
 Polk, James - and the annexation of Texas
  - and the Mexican War
 Poll, Hermann - and the harpsichord
 Pollock's Toy Museum - toy theatre
 Pollok House - art collection in Glasgow
 poll tax - paid by non-Muslims
  - in England in 1380-81
  - in Britain in 1989
  - brief account
 polo - origins of game
  - on Maidan-i-Shah in Isfahan
  - and Cipango
  - and Muslims in Sumatra
  - and Temple of Heaven in Peking
  - and the Chinese junk
  - on paper currency
 Polo, Niccolo and Matteo - their journey
 Polonnaruwa - Buddhist centre
 Polovtsy - and Kiev
 Poltava - battle in 1709
 Polybus - On the Nature of Man
 polygamy - and the Mormons
 Polynesia - first settlement
 polyphony - in medieval music
 Pombal, marquis of - chief minister
 Pomerania - incorporated in Poland
  - eastern part as Pomorze
  - annexed by Teutonic knights in 1308-9
  - restored to Poland in 1466
  - and the Hohenzollern
  - seized by France in 1812
 pommy (the term)
 Pomorze - province of Poland
 Pomp and Circumstance (Elgar)
  - and glazed windows
  - and millstones
  - related items
  - in Syria and Palestine
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