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 Pinero, Arthur Wing
 pink gin (drink)
 Pinochet, Augusto
 Pinta - sailing with Columbus
  - The Caretaker
 Pinzón brothers - and Columbus
 Pioneer Health Centre - founded in Peckham
 pipal tree - at Anuradhapura
 pipe of peace - or calumet
 Piper, John
  - Chichester
  - Coventry cathedral
 pipiolos - in Chilean politics
 pips (as time signal)
 piracy - in Mediterranean in 1st century BC
 Piraeus - port of Athens
  - defences destroyed in 404 BC
 pirates - and Pompey
 Pisa - as maritime power
  - trade with the Byzantine empire
  - baptistery pulpit by Nicola Pisano
  - cathedral pulpit by Giovanni Pisano
  - and Florence in 1406
  - council of 1409
  - and Charles VIII in 1494
  - cathedral and Galileo
  - leaning tower and Galileo
 Pisano, Giovanni - pulpit in Pisa
 Pisano, Nicola - and classical sculpture
 Pissaro, Camille - in London
 piston - in steam engine
 Pitcairn Island - and Christian Fletcher
  - and Britain
 Pithecanthropus erectus - and Java man
 Pitlochry (Tayside)
 Pitman's (shorthand)
 Pitmedden (near Aberdeen)
 Pitt, William (the Elder) - Seven Years' War
  - brief biography
 Pitt, William (the Younger)
  - prime minister at 24
  - and the mail coach
  - and George III
  - brief biography
 Pitti - palace in Florence
 Pittsburgh - origins
  - and William Pitt
  - peace conference in 1764
 Pius IV - and the Council of Trent
 Pius VI - Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  - and Napoleon in 1797
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