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 Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne)
 phlogiston theory - in chemistry
 Phnom Penh - as new Khmer capital
 PHOENICIA (and Palestine)
  - tour through time
  - origin of name
  - and their ships
 Phoenix Park murders - in 1882
 Phoney War - of 1939-40
  - calotype and Fox Talbot
  - in medicine
  - of the insane
 physical and mental handicap - and sterilisation
 physical degeneration - and the eugenics movement
 physic gardens - history
 physicians - in Roman military hospitals
  - in early Christian hospitals
  - tour through time
 Physics - by Aristotle
 Phytopinax - by Gaspard Bauhin
 Piacenza - council in 1095
  - and the Farnese family
 Piaget, Jean - and intelligence
 pianoforte - invented in about 1698
 Piast - and the first Polish dynasty
 Piazza Armerina - Roman villa in Casale
 Piccadilly (London)
 Piccolomini, Die - by Schiller
 Pichincha - battle in 1822
 Pickawillany - in the French and Indian War
 Pickett's Charge - at Gettysburg
 Pickford, Mary - and Charlie Chaplin
 Pickles, Wilfred
 Pickwick Papers
 Picquigny - treaty of 1475
 Picts - tribal group in Scotland
  - brief account
 picturesque - discovered in the 1770s
  - brief account
 Picture of Dorian Gray
 Picture Post
 pidgin English - in New Guinea
  - brief account
 Piedmont - annexed by Napoleon in 1802
  - revolution in 1821
 Pied Piper of Hamelin
 pieds-noirs - French colonists in Algeria
 Pierce, Edward - Sudbury Hall
 Piero della Francesca
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