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 Philiki Etaireia - Greek independence
 Philip I - king of Castile
 Philip I of Portugal - Philip II of Spain
 Philip II, king of France
  - third crusade
 Philip II, king of Macedonia
  - his tomb at Vergina
 Philip II, king of Spain
  - marriage to Mary I
  - a year in England
  - and Naples and Sicily
  - and the throne of Portugal
  - and Titian
  - and Hieronymus Bosch
  - marries French princess
 Philip III - half-brother of Alexander
 Philip III - king of Spain
  - and Marie de Médicis
  - and Louis XIV
 Philip IV - king of France
  - and pope Boniface VIII
  - and the estates general
  - and the Templars
 Philip IV - king of Spain
  - and Elizabeth of France
  - and Velazquez
  - and Rubens
 Philip V - king of France
  - and the Salic Law
 Philip V - king of Spain
 Philip VI - king of France
  - and the Hundred Years' War
 Philip, John - missionary in Cape colony
 Philip of Hesse - and church lands
  - and Marburg
  - and the battle of Mühlberg
 Philip the Bold - son of Charles V
  - marries Flanders heiress
 Philip the Good - and van Eyck
  - makes peace with Charles VII
 Philippa of Hainaut - and Edward III
  - and Rockingham Castle
 Philippa of Lancaster - and Portugal
 Philippi - battle in 42 BC
 Philippics - of Demosthenes
  - reached by humans
  - and Magellan
  - and New Peru
  - ceded by Spain to the USA
  - fall to Japanese in 1942
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