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 Perpendicular - style in Gothic architecture
 Perpetua - Christian martyr
 Perpetual Peace - French and Swiss
 Perrault, Charles - and Mother Goose
 Perry, Fred (tennis player)
 persecution - of early Christians
 Persepolis - built by Darius I
  - destroyed by Alexander
 Perseus - by Canova
 Pershing, John - in World War I
  - tour through time
  - the Achaemenid army
  - and Sparta from 414 BC
 Persian language - and Arabic
 Persian miniatures
 Persians - Indo-European tribe
  - becoming Muslims
 Persis - Greek version of Fars, or Persia
 persistent vegetative state - history
 personalismo - in Latin American politics
 perspective - and Brunelleschi
  - and the Renaissance
 Persuasion (Austen)
 Perth - treaty of 1266
  - brief history of town
 Perth, Australia - founded in 1829
 Pertinax - Roman emperor
  - tour through time
  - Mochica culture
  - war of 1941 against Ecuador
  - and Raphael
 Perutz, Max - identifies structure of haemoglobin
 Peruzzi - banking family in Florence
 Pesach - origin of Jewish festival
 pestle and mortar - primitive grinding
 Petacci, Clara - and Mussolini
 Pétain, Philippe - World War I commander
  - defence of Verdun
  - armistice with Germany in 1940
 Peter, St - chief disciple of Jesus
  - leader of the early Christian community
  - possible martyrdom in Rome
 Peter I, known as Peter the Great
 Peter II - king of Sicily
 Peter II - Russian emperor
 Peter III - Russian emperor
  - accession in 1762
  - and the Seven Years' War
 Peter III, king of Aragon - and Sicily
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