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 Pepys, Samuel
  - brief biography
  - cut for the stone
  - and transport in London
  - and blood transfusion
  - and cesspits
  - and dinner
  - on the microscope
  - visits memorial for 365 children
  - visits 'Bedlam'
 Perceval, Spencer
 Percival - Arthurian knight
 percussion - discovered by Forsyth
 Percy, Henry - known as Hotspur
  - death at Shrewsbury
 Percy, Thomas - and the Reliques
 Percy family - and Owain Glyn Dwr
  - and Chevy Chase
 Percy's Reliques - and the ballad
 Père David's deer - Woburn Abbey
 Pereira, Aristides - president of Cape Verde
 Père Lachaise - commune of 1871
 Pérez, Jiménez, Marcos - in Venezuela
 performing arts - tour through time
 Pergamum - and parchment
  - and Galen
 Peri, Jacopo - composer of Dafne
  - dies of the plague in 429 BC
 Pericles, Prince of Tyre - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Period of Disunion - in China
 Peripatetics - school of Aristotle
 Pernambuco - uprising in 1817
 Perón, Eva
  - known as Evita
  - and personalismo
 Perón, Isabel - president of Argentina
 Perón, Juan
  - as a caudíllo
 Perpendicular - style in Gothic architecture
 Perpetua - Christian martyr
 Perpetual Peace - French and Swiss
 Perrault, Charles - and Mother Goose
 Perry, Fred (tennis player)
 persecution - of early Christians
 Persepolis - built by Darius I
  - destroyed by Alexander
 Perseus - by Canova
 Pershing, John - in World War I
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