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 Pennies from Heaven
 Pennsylvania - founded in 1681
 Pennsylvania Dutch - from Germany
 Pennsylvania Gazette - and Franklin
 penny - origin as a coin
 Penny Black - in 1840
 penny dreadfuls
 Penrhyn Castle, Gwynedd
 Penseroso, Il by Milton
 Penshurst Place
 pensionary - of province of Holland
 pensions - introduced by Bismarck
 Pentagon, Washington - 11 September 2001
 Pentateuch - five books of Moses
 pentathlon - ancient
 Penzance (Cornwall)
 People (Sunday newspaper)
 people of the book - defined in the Qur'an
 People's Charter - in 1838
 People's Democratic Movement - Cameroon
 People's Front for Democracy - in Eritrea
 People's Palace - Glasgow
 Pepi II - and a Pygmy dancer from Nubia
 Pepin, son of Charlemagne - and the doge
 Pepin II - mayor of the palace
 Pepin III - son of Charles Martel
  - and Pope Stephen II
  - Donation of Pepin
  - and the penny
 Pepin the Short - also known as Pepin III
 Peploe, S.J. - Scottish Colourist
 Pepys, Samuel
  - brief biography
  - cut for the stone
  - and transport in London
  - and blood transfusion
  - and cesspits
  - and dinner
  - on the microscope
  - visits memorial for 365 children
  - visits 'Bedlam'
 Perceval, Spencer
 Percival - Arthurian knight
 percussion - discovered by Forsyth
 Percy, Henry - known as Hotspur
  - death at Shrewsbury
 Percy, Thomas - and the Reliques
 Percy family - and Owain Glyn Dwr
  - and Chevy Chase
 Percy's Reliques - and the ballad
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