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 peasants - and serfs
 Peasants' Revolt - in 1381
  - brief account
 Peasant War - and Luther's tract
  - and Thomas Mu^ntzer
 pebble dash (exterior walls)
 'Peccavi' (Napier)
 Peckham - Pioneer Health Centre
 pecunia - Roman money
 Pedrarias Davila - and Balboa
  - and Panama
 Pedro I, emperor of Brazil
  - as regent in Brazil
  - and Portugal from 1826
 Pedro II, emperor of Brazil
 Pedro III - king consort of Portugal
 Pedro V - king of Portugal
 Peel, Peter - Peter Peel's war
 Peel, Robert - and Catholic emancipation
  - and the monster meeting at Clontarf
  - and the Corn Laws
  - brief biography
  - and Harrow
 peelers - and Robert Peel
  - and RUC
 Peelites - and Robert Peel
 peel tower (Scottish borders)
 Peeping Tom - and Lady Godiva
 Pegge, Catherine - mistress of Charles II
 Peisistratus - tyrant in Athens
 Pekingese - breed of dog
 Peking man - in caves of Chou-k'ou-tien
  - and fire
  - discovery in 1927
 Pelayo - first king of Asturias
 Peleset - Sea People threatening Egypt
 Pella - capital of Macedonia
 Pellechet, Jules - Bowes Museum
  - and Castle Howard
 Pelli, Cesar - Canary Wharf tower
 Peloponnesian League - and Sparta
 pelucones - in Chilean politics
 Pelusium - battle in 525 BC
 Pembroke (Dyfed)
 pen - and the Egyptian papyrus
 Penang - and East India Company
 Penates - Roman household gods
 pendentive - architectural device
 Penguin (publishers)
 penicillin - Alexander Fleming
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