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 Parnell, Charles Stewart
  - brief biography
 Parramatta - settlement in Australia
 Parry, Hubert
 Parsa - Indo-European tribe
 Parsees - moving from Persia to India
  - and Bombay
 Parsons, Charles - steam turbine
 Parsva - and Jainism
  - the sculpted frieze
  - copied in Neoclassicism
  - and Calton Hill
 Parthia - and the Seleucid empire
  - and the Yuezhi
  - frontier with Rome
  - Trajan's incursions
 Parthian dynasty - origin
 Parthian shot - in Persia
 Partido de Acción Nacional - Mexico
 Partido de la Revolución Democrática
 Partido Nacional Revolucionario - Mexico
 Partido Nacionalista Vasco - Navarre
 Partido Revolucionario Institucional
 Partido Revolucionario Mexicano
 Partition Treaties - of 1698-9
 Parys - massacre of trekkers in 1836
 Parzifal - by Wolfram von Eschenbach
 Pasagardae - the tomb of Cyrus
 Pascal, Blaise - and Port-Royal
  - and atmospheric pressure
 Pasmore, Victor - Euston Road School
 passage graves
 Passage to India (Forster)
 Passchendaele - battle for in 1917
 Passemont, Monsieur - millennium clock
 pass laws - in South Africa
 Passover - origin of Jewish festival
 Passport to Pimlico - film, 1949
 Pasteur, Louis - and germ theory of disease
  - vaccinates children with rabies
  - discovers cause of puerperal fever
  - defines putrefaction
  - sterilises surgical instruments
  - and germ theory in surgery
 Paston Letters
 Pastrana Arengo, Andrés - in Colombia
 Pataliputra - capital of Magadha
 Patassé, Ange-Félix - in CAR
 Patay - battle in 1429
 patent (in Britain)
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