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 Paine, James - Chatsworth
  - Doncaster
  - Kedleston
  - Kew Bridge
  - Nostell Priory
  - Richmond Bridge
 Paine, Thomas
 Painshill Park
  - tour through time
 Paisley (near Glasgow)
 Paisley, Ian - Ulster Democratic Unionists
 Pakistan - and Britain
  - and the Commonwealth
  - refugees from Afghanistan
 Pakistanis - in Britain
 Pala d'Oro - in St Mark's
 palace of the popes - at Avignon
 Palace of Westminster
 Palacky, Frantisek - historian of Bohemia
  - and the pan-Slav congress
 paladins - and Charlemagne
 Palaeolithic - division of the Stone Age
 palaeolithic and neolithic - the dividing line
  - and Cuvier
 Palaeozoic era - and geological periods
 Palais de Justice - and the first parlement
 Palatinate - and Louis XIV in 1688
 Palatine games - and assassination of Caligula
 Palatine Hill - in Rome
 Pale - round Dublin
  - Calais and Dublin
 Palermo - Capella Palatina
 PALESTINE (ancient, and Phoenicia)
  - tour through time
  - named from the Philistines
 PALESTINE (modern, and Syria)
  - tour through time
  - and Britain
 Palgrave, Francis - Golden Treasury
 Palimé - railway link to Lomé
 Palio - in Siena
 Palladian style - in Britain
  - brief account
 Palladio, Andrea - and the villa
  - and Lord Burlington
 Pall Mall, London
 Pallant House - Chichester
 Palm Court Pavilion - Tagg's Island
 Palmer, John - and the mail coach
 Palmer, John - Lansdown Crescent, Bath
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