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 Omega Workshops
 omens - in the entrails
 OMOV - and the Labour party in 1993
 omphalos - navel of the world at Delphi
 O'Murphy, Louise - and Boucher
 Oñate, Juan de - conquistador
 Ondine (ballet)
 Oneida - in the Iroquois League
 O'Neill, Conn - earl of Tyrone
 O'Neill, Hugh - earl of Tyrone
 O'Neill, Shane - rebellion against Elizabeth
 O'Neill, Terence - in northern Ireland
 O'Neills - kings of Ireland
 On Interpretation by Aristotle - and Abelard
 On-Ogur - federation of Magyar tribes
 Onondaga - in the Iroquois League
 Onslow, Arthur - Speaker
 Ontario - and the Dominion of Canada
 Onward, Christian Soldiers
 Open Championship (golf)
 open-field system - in medieval agriculture
  - brief account
 Open Spaces Society - and common land
 Open University in Britain
  - tour through time
 Opera North (company)
 opera seria - and Metastasio
 Operation Just Cause - in Panama
 Operation Restore Hope - in Somalia
 Operation Sea Lion - in World War II
 Ophelia (Millais)
 Ophir - trading by Hiram and Solomon
 Opie, Peter and Iona
 opium - history
  - in Crete and Egypt
  - in Roman empire
  - and 17th century injections
  - the Opium Wars
  - as medicine for babies
  - addiction
  - famous addicts
 Opium Wars
 Oporto - and the liberal uprising of 1820
  - in the War of the Two Brothers
 Opposition, in British politics
 opthalmoscope - history
  - and diabetes
  - retinal photography
 optic nerves - observed by Alcmaeon
 Opticks - by Newton
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