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 Oates, Lawrence
 Oates, Titus - and the Popish Plot
  - brief account
 Oath of the Tennis Court - in 1789
 OAU - or Organization of African Unity
 Oaxaca, battle of - in 1812
 Obasanjo, Olusegun - president of Nigeria
 Oberammergau - the Passion play
 Oberzell - church of St George
 Obiang Nguema - in Equatorial Guinea
 Obolensky, Prince
 Obote, Milton - president of Uganda
 Obregón, Alvaro
 obscenity (laws in Britain)
 Observer (newspaper)
 obstetrics - beginnings in 18th century
  - in 19th century
  - and litigation
 obstetrical forceps - invented
 Ockham, William of - and scholasticism
 O, come all ye faithful
 O'Connell, Daniel
 O'Connell Street - in 1922
 octant - in navigation
 Octavia - sister of Octavian
  - marries Mark Antony
 Octavia - daughter of Claudius
  - murdered by Nero
 October Manifesto - in 1905
 Oda Nobunaga - Japanese warlord
 Oddfellows - as a friendly society
 Odd Man Out (film)
 Ode on a Grecian Urn (Keats)
 Odes - of Horace
  - of Ronsard
 Odessa - and the Philiki Etaireia
  - and the battleship Potemkin
  - massacre of Jews in 1905
 Ode to the West Wind (Shelley)
 Ode to a Nightingale (Keats)
 Odin - in Norse mythology
 Odo - and the Bayeux tapestry
  - killed by Theodoric
 O'Donnells - dynasty in Ulster
 Odo Rigaud - Franciscan archbishop
 ODP-MT - in Burkina Faso
 Odysseus - wrestles in the Iliad
 Odyssey - and Homer
  - the plot
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