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 Northern Alliance - in Afghanistan
 Northern Ballet Theatre
 Northern Echo (newspaper)
  - tour through time
  - brief account
 Northern Securities Company - in 1902
 Northern Sinfonia
 Northern Song - Chinese dynasty
 Northern Territory - and South Australia
 North German Confederation - of 1866
 North Sea oil - and Scotland
 North Sea oil and gas
 Northstead, Manor of - and Chiltern Hundreds
 Northumberland - and Napoleon in 1815
 Northumberland, duke of - and Edward VI
  - and Lady Jane Grey
 Northumberland, earl of - and Glyn Dwr
 Northumberland, earl of - rebellion in 1569
 Northumbria - Anglo-Saxon kingdom
  - brief account
 North West Company - 1783-1821
 North-West Mounted Police - in 1873
 Northwest Passage - and Cartier
  - brief account
  - Henry Hudson
 Northwest Territories - from 1867
 Northwest Territory - established in 1787
 Norton (motorcycle)
 Norton, Caroline - and Melbourne
  - tour through time
  - first centralized kingdom
  - and early socialist parties
  - votes for women in 1913
 Norwich (Norfolk)
  - care for the sick poor in 16th century
  - builds Bethel asylum
 Norwich City (football team)
 Nostell Priory, W Yorkshire
 Nostromo (Conrad)
 'no such thing as society' - Thatcher
 Not Angles but angels
 'Not a penny off the pay' - General Strike
 notation, musical
 notebooks - in ancient world
 Not the Nine O'Clock News
 Nottingham - taken by Danes in 867
  - start of English Civil War
  - and the spinning jenny
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