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 New Economic Policy - in Russia from 1921
 New Age travellers
 New Amsterdam - on Manhattan
  - becomes New York
 New Archangel - Russian-American Co.
 Newark - and Charles I in 1646
 Newarke Houses Museum - Leicester
 Newbolt, Henry - 'Play up! Play up!'
 New Brunswick - colony from 1784
  - and the Dominion of Canada
 New Caledonia - reached by Europeans
 New Carthage - or Cartagena
  - and electricity
  - and Joseph Swan
  - first dog show
 Newcomen, Thomas
 Newcomen engine - and James Watt
 New Echota - the Cherokee capital
 New Empire - in ancient Egypt
 New England - explored by John Smith
 New every morning is the love
 New Forest, Hampshire
 New France - or French Canada
 Newfoundland - reached by humans
  - and the cod fisheries
  - French and British rivalry
  - ceded to Britain in 1713
  - resists joining Dominion in 1867
  - and the Atlantic Charter
 Newgate (prison)
 New Granada - viceroyalty
  - republic, 1831-58
 Newgrange - passage grave in Ireland
 New Guinea - reached by humans
  - and tribal art
  - and pidgin English
 New Hampshire - colony from 1679
 New Harmony - Owenite community
 New Hebrides - reached by Europeans
  - and tribal art
 New Helvetia - established by John Sutter
 New Ireland - and tribal art
 New Jersey - as British colony from 1664
 New Kingdom - in ancient Egypt
 New Labour - and Tony Blair
 New Lanark - and Robert Owen
  - brief account
 New Laws - for Spanish America
 Newlyn, Cornwall
 Newman, John Henry
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