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 NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  - brief account
  - in postwar Europe
 natural frontiers - of France in 1792
 Natural History Museum, London
  - and Alexandra Palace
 Nature (magazine)
 Nature - poem by Parmenides
 'Nature, red in tooth and claw'
 Naumberg cathedral - Ekkehart and Uta
 Nauru and Britain
 Nauruz - Persian new year
 Nauvoo, Illinois - and the Mormons
 Navarino - battle in 1827
 Navarre - and Aragon
  - and 19th-century separatism
 Navas de Tolosa, Las - battle in 1212
 Naviglio Grande - early Italian canal
 Navona, Piazza - fountain by Bernini
 Naxos - battle in 376 BC
 Nazareth - home of Jesus
 Nazca culture
 NAZI party - origins
  - extermination of mental defectives
 Ncome river - battle in 1838
 Ndadaye, Melchior - president of Burundi
 NDC - or National Democratic Congress
 Ndebele - and the Mfecane
  - and Hendrik Potgieter
  - and Zimbabwe
 Neagle, Anna
 Neanderthal man
  - and the beginning of music?
  - discovery in 1856
 Nearer, my God, to Thee - brides in the bath
 Neave, Airey
 Nebhepetre - throne name of Mentutopet I
 Nebraska - and the railways
  - and the Temple in Jerusalem
 Nebuchadrezzar II - or Nebuchadnezzar
 Necho II - circumnavigation of Africa
 needle gun - of Johann von Dreyse
 needles - the first
 Needles, The (Isle of Wight)
 Nefertari - in the temple of Ramses II
  - her temple at Abu Simbel
 Nefertiti - wife of Akhenaten
 Negro, Cape - reached by Diogo Cam
 Negroes in America - origins
 Negus, Arthur
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