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 Munich - and Gustavus II in 1632
  - captured by Austrians in 1742
  - putsch by Hitler in 1923
 Munich Pact - agreement in 1938
  - brief account
  - Hitler and Mussolini in 1940
 Munnings, Alfred
  - and Tagg's Island
 Munros (mountain peaks)
 Munstead Wood - Gertrude Jekyll
 Münster - and the Anabaptists
  - and peace of Westphalia
 Munster - and the English plantation
 Müntzer, Thomas - and Peasant War
 Muppet Show (TV)
 Murad I - Ottoman sultan
 Murad II - Ottoman sultan
  - and battle of Varna
  - against Skanderbeg
 Murad V - sultan of Turkey
 murals - in Roman interiors
 murals, Christian - at Doura-Europos
  - in Roman catacombs
 Murasaki Shikubi - Tale of Genji
 Murat, Joachim - and Vendémiare
  - and Madrid in 1808
  - king of Naples from 1808
  - and the retreat from Moscow
 Murchad - son of Brian Boru
 Murchison, Roderick - geologist
  - and geological periods
 Murder in the Cathedral (Eliot)
 Murdoch, Iris
 Murdock, William - gas lighting
 Muret - battle in 1213
 murex brandaris - purple die from Phoenicia
 Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban - and religious art
 Muromachi period - in Japanese culture
 Murray, George - and signalling
 Murray, James - Oxford English Dictionary
 Murray, Keith - potter
 Murrayfield (rugby ground)
 Musa - Italian slave girl
 Muscat and Oman - name of Oman till 1970
 Muscovy Company - founded in 1555
  - and Henry Hudson
 'muscular Christianity'
 Museum of London
 Museum of Mankind (London)
 Museum of the Moving Image (London)
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