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 month - in the calendar
 Month in the Country (ballet)
 Montpelier Row - George Hilditch
 Montpellier - and Jacques Coeur
 Montreal - and Jacques Cartier
  - in 1760
  - and the North West Company
 Montreal d'Albarno - condottiere in Italy
 Montrose, earl of (1612-50)
 Montségur - Cathar stronghold
 Montserrat - settled by 1636
  - and Britain
 Monty Python's Flying Circus
 Monument - commemorating Fire of London
  - Cibber's panel in relief
  - brief description
 Monymusk Reliquary
 moons - formation
 Moonstone, The (Collins)
 Moore, Clement - and Father Christmas
 Moore, Gerald (accompanist)
 Moore, Henry
  - London Transport
  - Yorkshire Sculpture Park
 Moore, John - in the Peninsular War
  - and Corunna
 Moore, Thomas (poet)
 Moorfields (hospital)
  - foundation
 Moors - as a word for Muslims
 Morat - Swiss victory over Burgundy
 Moravia - kingdom in 9th century AD
  - destroyed by Hungarians
  - linked to Bohemia
  - and the Anabaptists
 Moray, earl of - regent for James VI
 Morazán, F. - Central American Federation
 Mordred - and King Arthur
 More, Kenneth (actor)
 More, Thomas - and Erasmus
  - and Holbein
  - and the Act of Supremacy
  - brief biography
  - and Chelsea
 Morecambe and Wise Show
 Morelos y Pavón, José María
 Morgagni, Giovanni Battista - and pathology
  - on syphilis
  - on {post-mortems}
 Morgan (sports car)
 Morgan, Henry (buccaneer)
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