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 Monday Club (formed in 1961)
 Mondlane, Eduardo - and Frelimo
 Monet, Claude - in Britain
 monetarism - and Mrs Thatcher
  - brief account
 Möngke - alternative spelling of Mangu
  - as homeland of Turks and Mongols
  - Inner and Outer from the 17th century
 Mongolia, Inner - as province of China
 Mongolia, Outer - as independent state
 Mongolian alphabet - in 13th century
 Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party
 Mongol rulers - and Tibet
  - tour through time
  - and the Assassins
  - and Tibetan Buddhism
  - in Korea
  - in Russia
  - in Siberia
  - invading Japan
 Monitor - encounter with Merrimack
 Monitor (TV programme)
 Monk's House - Virginia Woolf
 Monmouth (Gwent)
 Monmouth, Duke of (son of Charles II)
 monolatry - stage towards monotheism
 monophysites - in Christian doctrine
 monopolies - under the Stuart kings
 monotheism - and Abraham
 Monreale - mosaics in the cathedral
 Monro, Alexander - teaches surgery in Edinburgh
  - and the Edinburgh medical school
 Monroe, James - president of the USA
  - and the Monroe doctrine
  - presidents from Virginia
 Monroe doctrine - Roosevelt's corollary
 Monrovia - named in 1824
 Mons - battle in August 1914
  - brief account
 Mons Graupius - battle in AD 83
 Mons Meg - in Edinburgh castle
  - brief account
 monsoons - as trade winds
 monster meetings - Ireland 1842-3
 Monstrous Regiment of Women
 Montacute House, Somerset
 Montagnier, Luc - discovers HIV virus
 Montagu, Mary Wortley - and Pope
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