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 Millais, John Everett
  - selected paintings
 Millares, Los - neolithic cemetery
 i Mille - and Garibaldi in 1860
 Millenary petition - at Hampton Court
 Millennium Dome - at Greenwich
 Miller, Max
 Miller, Sanderson - Lacock Abbey
 Mill House (foaled 1957)
 Milligan, Spike
 milling - of grain by animal power
 Mill on the Floss (Eliot)
 Mill Reef (foaled 1968)
 Mills & Boon
 millstones - the first
 Milne, A.A.
 Milner, Alfred - and the Boer War
  - and post-war reconstruction
  - brief biography
 Milosh Obrenovich - and Serbia
 Miltiades - 4th century pope
 Milton, John
  - brief biography
 Milvian Bridge - battle in AD 312
 mimesis - in Aristotelian theory
 Minamoto clan - in Japan
 Minas Gerais - and gold
 mincemeat (in British cooking)
 MIND (charity)
 Mindaugas - Lithuanian chieftain
 Minden - battle in 1759
 'mind your p's and q's'
 Minehead (Somerset)
 Miner, The - founded by Keir Hardie
 Miner's Friend - by Savery
 miners' strikes in Britain - in 1926
  - in 1972 and 1974
  - in 1984-5
  - brief overall account
 Mines Act - of 1842
  - Lord Shaftesbury
 Ming dynasty
 Mini (the car)
 miniature painting - in England
  - brief account
 Minie rifle - in Crimean War
 mining - earliest known copper mine
 miniskirt (in Britain)
 ministériat - of Richelieu and Mazarin
 Minnesinger - in Germany and Austria
  - and German lyric poetry
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