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 Methodius, St - apostle of the Slavs
  - and translation of the Bible
  - and the Slavonic liturgy
 Methuen Treaty - Portugal and England
 metric system
  - and the Dutch interior
 Metternich, Klemens von
  - and Napoleon's marriage
  - Napoleon's escape from Elba
 Meuse - crossed by Germans in 1940
 Mexica - a name of the Aztecs
  - tour through time
  - involvement in World War II
 Mexico City - taken by Scott in 1847
  - captured by French in 1863
 MFDC - in Senegal
 Mfecane - and the Zulu
 Michael - tsar of Russia
 Michael, Alun - Welsh assembly in 1999
 Michael, St - and Joan of Arc
  - and St Peter's
 Michigan - statehood in 1837
 Michinaga - of the Fujiwara family
 Michmash - battle against the Philistines
 Micombero, Michel - president of Burundi
 microscope - first invented
  - and the circulation of the blood
  - and religious controversy
  - atomic force microscopy
  - confocal laser scanning microscopy
  - fluorescence microscopy
  - microsurgery
  - slit-lamp microscopy
  - video-enhanced microscopy
  - X-ray microscopy
 Middelburg - microscope and telescope
 Middle Ages - origin of the term
 Middle Congo - French colony
 Middle English - development
 Middleham Jewel
 Middle Kingdom - in ancient Egypt
 Middle Plantation - origin of Williamsburg
 Middlesex (county)
 Middle Temple - Inns of Court
 Midhat Pasha - Turkish politician
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