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 Mersey (river)
 Merseyside Maritime Museum - Liverpool
 Merthyr Tydfil - and Keir Hardie
  - first locomotive on rails
 Merton - first Oxford college
 Merv - assassination of Yazdegerd III
  - battle in 1510
 MESAN - in Central African Republic
  - tour through time
 Mesoamerican hieroglyphs
 mesolithic - division of the Stone Age
  - tour through time
  - creation story
  - harp, lyre and lute
  - writing
  - annexed as Roman province
  - abandoned as Roman province
 Mesosoic era - and geological periods
 Messalina - married to Claudius
  - executed by Claudius
 Messana - Latin name for Messina
 Messenia - annexed by Sparta
  - liberated by Epamonidas
 Messerschmitt 109 - in the Battle of Britain
 Messiah - origin of the concept
  - meaning of word
 Messiah - oratorio by Handel
  - brief account
  - and Kathleen Ferrier
 Messina - and start of Punic Wars
 mestizos - in Spanish America
 Mesurado, Cape - and Liberia
 Metacom - Wampanoag chieftain
 metal - for weapons
  - tour through time
 metalpoint - in drawings
 Metamorphoses - by Ovid
 Metaphysical poets
  - brief account
 Metaphysics - by Aristotle
 Metastasio, Pietro - opera librettist
 Meteor (aircraft)
 Meteora - Greek orthodox monasteries
 Meteorological Office (in Britain)
  - and Observatory, Kew
 Méthode de nomenclature - Lavoisier
 Methode de traicter les playes - Paré
 Methodism - origins
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