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  - and Richard Burton
 Mechanica Hydraulica-Pneumatica
 Mechelen - Habsburg court in Netherlands
 Mecklenburg - and Wallenstein
 Medawar, Peter
 Medellin - drugs cartel
 medical instruments - images, 19th-century
 medical police - in 18th century Europe
  - palace in Florence
  - and soft-paste porcelain
 Medici, Alessandro de' - duke of Florence
 Medici, Cosimo de' - pater patriae
 Medici, Gian Gastone de' - grand duke
 Medici, Giovanni di Bicci de' - family fortune
 Medici, Giuliano de' - Pazzi conspiracy
 Medici, Lorenzo de'
  - and Savonarola
 Medici, Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de'
 Medici, Piero de' - son of Cosimo
 Medici, Piero de' - son of Lorenzo
 Medici chapel - and Michelangelo
 Medici Venus - and Aphrodite tradition
 medicinal plants - from the Stone Age
  - tour through time
 Medicine and Technology - article by Dr Carole Reeves
 medicine men - or shamans
 medicines - from coal, dyes, and plants
 Médicin malgré lui - by Molière
 Medina - and Muhammad
  - death of Omar
 Medina Sidonia, duke of - and Armada
  - and the slave trade
 Medmenham Abbey - Hellfire Club
 Medway - and the Dutch in 1667
 Meegeren, Han Anthonius van - forger
 Meerut rising - in 1857
 Megara - blockaded by Athens in 432 BC
 Megiddo - battle and siege in 1469 BC
  - battle in 1918
 Mehmed I - Ottoman sultan
 Mehmed II, Ottoman sultan
  - and his massive bombard
  - against Skanderbeg
 Mein Kampf - by Adolf Hitler
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