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 Mauritius - and Tipu Sultan
  - and Britain
 Mauritshuis - and Vermeer's View of Delft
 Mauryan dynasty
 Mausoleum - at Halicarnassus
 Max Gate - Thomas Hardy
 Maxim, Hiram
 Maximian - bishop of Ravenna
 Maximian - Roman emperor
 Maximilian I
  - and Henry VII
  - and the Swiss
  - and Perkin Warbeck
 Maximilian I - duke of Bavaria
 Maximilian, emperor of Mexico
 maximum - in the French revolution
 Max of Baden, Prince - in World War I
 Maxwell, James Clerk
  - and Cavendish Laboratory
 May, Peter (cricketer)
  - numerical system
  - and the calendar
  - and tobacco
 Mayan chronology - and Calendar Round
 Mayan hieroglyphs - for priests
 Mayan manuscripts - destroyed
 May Day (in Britain)
 Mayerling (ballet)
 Mayfair (London)
 Mayflower - and the Pilgrim Fathers
 Maynooth seminary - founded in 1795
 Mayo Clinic - founded at Rochester, Minnesota
 Mayor of Casterbridge (Hardy)
 mayorazgo - and primogeniture
 mayors of the palace - in Frankish kingdoms
 Maypole - and George I
 Mazar-e-Sharif - and the Taliban
 Mazarin, Jules - principal minister of France
 maze - Hampton Court Palace
 Mazzini, Giuseppe - and Giovine Italia
 M'ba, Léon - president of Gabon
 Mbeki, Thabo - president of South Africa
 Mbonyumutwa, Dominique - Hutu martyr
 Mbundu - in Angola
 MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club)
  - declares roundarm bowling illegal
 MCP - in Malawi
 MDB - political party in Brazil
 MDC - political party in Zimbabwe
 mead (alcoholic drink)
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