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 Masefield, John
 masers - history
 Masire, Kerumile - president of Botswana
 masked ball - in Stockholm in 1792
 Maskell, Dan
 Masolino da Panicale - and the Brancacci Chapel
 Mason, James
 masons' marks - at Hedingham
 Masoretes - and the Hebrew Bible
 masque (in 17th-century England)
 Masque of Blackness - by Jonson
 mass - replaced by communion
 Mass in B Minor - by J.S. Bach
 Massachussetts - early postal system
 Massachussetts Bay Company - in 1629
 Massacre of Glencoe - in 1692
 Massacre of the Innocents - and Herod
  - in the Gospel account
 Massamba-Débat, Alphonse - in Congo
 Massari - 14th-century firm in Genoa
 Massasoit - Wampanoag chieftain
 Massawa - captured by Turks in 1557
 Massieu, José Francisco - assassinated
 Massilia - settled by Greeks
 Mass-Observation (survey in Britain)
 Mastabas - tombs in Egypt
 Master of Flémalle - or Robert Campin
 Master of the Queen's Music
 Master of the Rolls
 masts - multiple
 Mas'ud - son of Mahmud of Ghazni
 Matabele - alternative name of Ndebele
  - dies at Hedingham
 Matapan, Cape - battle in 1941
 Matcham, Frank - Buxton
  - Coliseum
  - London Palladium
  - Tagg's Island
 matchlock - early musket
 Mather, Increase - and Metacom
 Mather, Rick - and Dulwich Picture Gallery
 Matheson, Nicolas - Jardine Matheson
 Matthews, Stanley
 Matilda - and the throne of England
  - brief biography
  - ennobles Aubrey de Vere
 Matilda of Scotland - and Henry I
 Matlock (Derbyshire)
 Matsubayashi, Tsuronosuke - potter
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