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 Martello towers - and Napoleon
  - brief description
 Martin, St - and monasticism
 Martin V - elected pope at Constance
  - and return of papacy to Rome
 Martin, John
 Martin, Leslie - Glasgow Concert Hall
 Martin brothers - and Doulton
 Martin Chuzzlewit - and the stereotyped midwife
 Martineau, Harriet - and the severed head
 Martini, Simone - and International Gothic
 Martinique - settled in 1635
 Marton - and Captain Cook
 Marvell, Andrew
  - brief biography
 Marx, Karl
  - and British Museum
 Mary - mother of William III
 Mary I - queen of England
  - only survivor of six children
  - betrothals as a child
  - marriage offered to James V
  - marries Philip II
  - brief biography
  - and Calais
  - Shene Charterhouse
 Mary II - queen of England
  - brought up as Anglican
  - brief biography
  - and earl of Clarendon
  - her collection of Kakiemon
 Mary, Queen of Scots
  - marries dauphin of France
  - and billiards
  - brief biography
  - and Dundrennan Abbey
  - entertained at Blair in 1564
 Mary had a little lamb (nursery rhyme)
 Maryland - founding of the colony
  - and the Civil War
 Mary Magdalene - sees resurrected Jesus
  - and Hugh of Lincoln
 Mary of Burgundy - marries Maximilian I
 Mary of Guise - marries James V
 Mary of Lorraine - or Mary of Guise
 Mary of Modena - wife of James II
  - gives birth to heir
 Mary Rose (Tudor ship)
 Mary of Teck - and George V
  - and the Renaissance
  - and the Brancacci Chapel
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