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 Maria - daughter of Louis I of Hungary
 Maria I - queen of Portugal
  - escapes to Brazil
 Maria II, queen of Portugal
 Maria Barbara - and Domenico Scarlatti
 Maria Cristina - regent for Alfonso XIII
 Maria Cristina - regent for Isabella II
 Maria Luisa - queen of Charles IV
 Maria Stuart - by Schiller
 Maria Theresa, Austrian empress
  - and Mozart
 Mariage de Figaro - by Beaumarchais
 Mariamne - wife of Herod the Great
  - killed by Herod
 Marianas - and Magellan
  - in World War II
 Marico river - battle in 1837
 Marie Antoinette - queen of Louis XVI
  - and the diamond necklace
 Marie de Médicis - regent for Louis XIII
 Marie Louise - marriage to Napoleon
 Marie Thérèse - wife of Louis XIV
 Marie Walewska - and Napoleon
 Marienburg - German name for Malbork
 Maries, Four (and Mary Queen of Scots)
 Marignano - battle in 1515
  - and French cannon
 Mari Lwyd (hobby horse)
 Marina, Doña - and Cortes
 Marinids - Berber dynasty
 Maristan hospital - founded in Granada, Spain
 Maritime Powers - England and Holland
 Marius, Gaius
 Marjorie - and Walter Stewart
 Mark, St - and the Gospels
  - and Aquileia
  - and Venice
 Mark Antony - as Caesar's lieutenant
  - after Caesar's death
  - and Cicero
  - in Syria
  - and Cleopatra
  - related items
 Markland - and Leif Ericsson
 Marks, Grete - potter
 Marks & Spencer
 Marlborough, duke of - British general
  - brief biography
  - Blenheim Palace
 Marlborough House (London)
 Marlowe, Christopher
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