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 Manchester - an early woollen mill
  - and the Bridgewater canal
  - population growth 1772-1851
  - and the Peterloo massacre
  - and the Anti-Corn Law League
  - and Engels
  - brief history of city
 Manchester airport
 Manchester City (football club)
 Manchester Evening News
 Manchester Ship Canal
 Manchester United (football club)
 Manchus - and the Qing dynasty
  - and the pigtail or queue
  - and Tibet
 Mancunium - Manchester
 Mandalay (Kipling)
 Mandan Indians - and Lewis and Clark
 mandarin - Chinese official
  - nine grades of button
 mandated territories (British)
 Mandela, Nelson
  - and the Commonwealth
 mandrake - history of the drug
 Mane, Ansumane - in Guinea-Bissau
  - and Bass red triangle
 Manetho - Egyptian priest and historian
 Manetti, Antonio - biographer of Brunelleschi
 Man for al Seasons (Bolt)
 Manfred - son of Frederick II
 Man Friday - Robinson Crusoe
 Mangu - fourth great khan of the Mongols
 Manhattan - bought by Peter Minuit
 Mani - and Manichaeism
 Manichaeism - and St Augustine
 manic-depressive illness - treatment with lithium
 Manifest Destiny - and the American west
 Manifesto - by George Bernard Shaw
 Manila - captured in 1762
  - taken by MacArthur in 1945
  - brief history
 Manifesto de Cartagena - by Bolívar
  - in the Spanish-American War
 man in the ice - neolithic survival in the Alps
  - discovery in 1991
 Manitoba - province of Canada from 1870
  - Schools Question of 1890
 mannerism - in 16th-century painting
 Manning, Cardinal - Eminent Victorians
 Manon (ballet)
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