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 mackintosh (garment)
 Mackintosh, Charles Rennie
  - and Art Nouveau
 MacLean, Alistair
 Macleod, George - Iona Community
 Macleod, Iain
 Macmillan, Harold - prime minister of UK
  - and the European Community
  - and the wind of change
  - brief biography
  - 'selling the family silver'
 MacMillan, Kenneth
 McNaughten Rules
 MacNeice, Louis
 MacNeill, Eoin - Irish republican
  - life sentence
  - and the Boundary Commission
 Macpherson, James
 Macready, William
 Mactan - and Magellan
 Madame Tussaud's
 Maddermarket Theatre - Norwich
 Madeira - colonized by Portuguese
 Madeira (wine and cake)
 Madeleine, La - as copy of Parthenon
 Madero, Francisco - president of Mexico
 Madison, James - and the Bill of Rights
  - president of the USA
  - and the War of 1812
  - presidents from Virginia
 Madonna of the Long Neck - Parmigianino
 Madras - and the East India Company
  - captured by French in 1746
  - shelled by the Emden
 Madrid - and Tiepolo
  - in 1808
 Maecenas - patron of the arts
  - and Virgil
  - and Horace's Sabine farm
 Maertens, Klaus - and Doc Martens
 Maes Howe (Orkneys)
 Mafeking - and the Jameson Raid
  - in the Boer War
  - brief account
 Magadha - Indian kingdom
 magazine - in the loading of rifles
 Magdalene Hospital - for 'penitent prostitutes'
 Magellan Straits - first discovered
 Magenta - battle in 1859
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