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 Mpande - Zulu chieftain
 MPLA - in Angola
 MPR - in Democratic Republic of Congo
 MRTA - terrorist group in Peru
 MSA - in French Congo
 Mswati III - king of Swaziland
 Mu'awiya - in conflict with Ali
  - founder of Umayyad caliphate
 Mubarak, Hosni
 Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)
 Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh (radio)
 Much Wenlock - and Olympic Games
 Mudros - armistice in 1918
 muffins and crumpets (in Britain)
 Muffin the Mule (puppet)
 Mugabe, Robert
 Mugello valley - home of the Medici
 Muggeridge, Malcolm
  - ascent from Dome of the Rock
 Muhammad I - king of Granada
 Muhammad V - sultan of Morocco
  - becomes king
 Muhammad VI - king of Morocco
 Muhammad al-Muntazar - 12th imam
 Mühlberg - battle in 1547
 Mühlhausen - and Thomas Müntzer
 Muirfield (golf course)
 mujaheddin - in Afghanistan
 Mukarra - Nubian kingdom
 Mukden - battle in 1905
 mulattos - in Spanish America
 Mulberry harbours
 mule - invented by Crompton
 Mullens, Patricia - and John Alden
 mullions - in windows
 Mulready, William - prepaid envelopes
 Multan - and Arabs in 8th century
 multiple births - in Middle Ages
 multiple masts - introduction
 Muluzi, Bakili - president of Malawi
 Mumbles - off Gower Peninsula
 mummers (in Britain)
 mummies - selected images
 mummy portraits - selected examples
 Mumtaz Mahal - and the Taj Mahal
 Mungo, St
 Munhumutapa - east African potentate
  - and the Portuguese
 Munich - and Gustavus II in 1632
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