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 Lyons - early Christian centre
  - annual fairs granted by Louis XI
  - and faience
  - rebellion in 1793
  - uprisings during July monarchy
 Lyons' teashops
 lyre - in Mesopotamia
 Lyrical Ballads
 lyrics - origin of word
 Lysistrata - comedy by Aristophanes
  - and Beardsley
 Lyte, Henry Francis
 Maastricht - siege of 1673
 Mabinogion - at the courts of princes
  - brief account
 McAdam, John - and road construction
  - brief biography
 McAleese, Mary - president of Ireland
 MacAlpin dynasty - in Scotland
 Macao - and the Portuguese
 MacArthur, Douglas - US commander
  - and postwar Japan
 Macartney, Lord - ambassador to China
  - Staunton as his page
  - and the Macartney embassy
 Macaulay, Thomas
  - the fourth estate
 Macaulay, Zachary - in Sierra Leone
 Macbeth - king of Scotland
  - brief biography
  - and Cawdor Castle
 Macbeth - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 Maccabees - Jewish dynasty
 McCrae, John - In Flanders Fields
 MacDiarmid, Hugh
 Macdonald, Flora - and Bonnie Prince Charlie
  - brief biography
 Macdonald, Margaret - Glasgow School
 MacDonald, Ramsay
  - brief biography
 MacDonalds - and Glencoe
 mace (in British parliament)
  - in Persian empire
  - defeated by Rome in 197 BC
 Macfarlan, J.F. - and Glaxo
 McFarlane, Robert - Iran-Contra affair
 McGill, Donald (seaside postcards)
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