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 Louisiana, the region - claimed for France
  - ceded to Spain in 1763
  - returned to France in 1800
  - sold to the USA in 1803
 Louisiana, the state - in 1812
  - and the Confederate states
  - and the 'grandfather clause'
 Louisiana Company - and John Law
 Louisiana Purchase - in 1803
 Louis Philippe
  - and Orleans House
 Louis the Pious - son of Charlemagne
  - co-emperor with Charlemagne from 813
  - and the Benedictine order
 Lourenço Marques - Portuguese enclave
 Lovat, Lord - beheaded in 1747
 Love, James - Epic of Cricket
 Lovelace, Richard
 Lovell, Bernard - Jodrell Bank
 Love on the Dole (Greenwood)
 Love's Labour's Lost
 'love that dare not speak its name'
 Low, David
 Low Countries - or Netherlands
 Lowe, Hudson - and Napoleon
 Lower Canada - from 1791
 lower case letters - in manuscripts
 Lowestoft - bombarded by cruisers in 1916
 Lowlands (of Scotland)
 Lowry, L.S.
 Loya Girga - in Afghanistan in 2002
 Loyalists - in the American Revolution
  - moving to Canada
 Loyalist paramilitaries - from 1969
 Loyalists (in Northern Ireland)
 Loyang - capital of Eastern Zhou dynasty
  - capital of Eastern Han dynasty
 Loyola, Ignatius - founder of the Jesuits
 Lozi - previously known as Barotse
 L.s.d (British currency)
 Lualaba river - explored by Stanley
 Luanda - established in 1587
  - and the MPLA in 1975
 Lubbe, Marinus van der - and the Reichstag fire
 Lubbock, John - bank holiday
 Lübeck - and the Hanseatic League
  - and Christian II
  - and Gustavus I
  - and the Stecknitz canal
  - peace in 1629
  - in the German Confederation
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