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 Li Bo - Tang poet
 libraries - in Britain
 library - of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh
  - at Alexandria
 Libreville - founded in 1849
  - tour through time (from 1911)
  - in Greek map of the world
  - North Africa campaign, 1940-43
  - involvement in Chad
 Libyan embassy siege (London)
 Libyans - as Egyptian pharaohs
 Lichfield (Staffs)
  - Johnson and Garrick
 Li Chi - the 'Book of Rites'
 Licinius - Roman emperor
 Liddell, Alice - and Lewis Carroll
 Liddell, Eric
 Lidell, Alvar
 Lidiard, Victoria - suffragette
 Liebig, Justus von - ideas about death
 Liebknecht, Karl - and the Spartacus League
 Liège - falls to Germans in August 1914
 life - the first stirring on earth
 life expectancy - in the early modern period
  - in the 18th century
  - in Britain
 Life Guards - Household Cavalry
 Life of Samuel Johnson - by Boswell
 life peers
 Liga Regionalista - in Catalonia
 light - and Newton
  - speed calculated in 1676
 lighthouse - at Alexandria
 light microscope - history
  - 17th century microscopists
  - the discovery of spermatozoa
  - and 18th century medicine
  - becomes a research tool
  - 20th century developments
  - and cellular pathology
  - and germ theory
  - and glass technology
  - and invention of photography
  - and study of cells
  - and the development of histology
  - and theories of inheritance
  - and theories of life
 lightning conductor - and Franklin
 Light of the World (Holman Hunt)
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