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 Law, Andrew Bonar - and Ulster Unionists
  - prime minister in 1923-4
  - brief biography
 Law, John - and bank notes
  - and the Mississippi Bubble
 Lawson, Nigel - resignation in 1989
 Law Courts (London)
 law (in Britain)
 'law is a ass' (Bumble)
 Law Lords
 Lawrence, D.H.
 Lawrence, Gertrude
 Lawrence, John - and the Kohinoor
 Lawrence, Ruth - as infant prodigy
 Lawrence, T.E. - in World War I
  - brief biography
 Lawrence, Thomas
  - brief biography
  - brief biography
 Layard, Henry
 Lay of the Last Minstrel (Scott)
 Lays of Ancient Rome (Macaulay)
 lazarettos - in Middle Ages
 Lazarettos - for leprosy in 12th century
  - become pest houses
 LBC - radio station in Britain
 LCD - Lesotho Congress for Democracy
 Lea and Perrins - Worcester sauce
 Leach, Bernard
  - brief account
  - slipware
 Leach Pottery - in St Ives from 1920
 Leader of the House of Commons
 League Against Cruel Sports
 League of Armed Neutrality - in 1800
 League of Corinth - in 377 BC
 League of Nations
  - USSR joins in 1934
  - and Ethiopia in 1935
  - brief account
 League of the Just - in London in 1847
 League of Venice - against France in 1495
 Leakey family
 Leamington Spa
 Lean, David
 Leander (rowing club)
 leap year - proposed by Sosigenes
 Lear, Edward
 leather clothing - and the man in the ice
 Leavis, F.R.
 Lebanon, cedars of - Phoenician export
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