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 Lallans (dialect)
 Lama - in Tibetan Buddhism
 Lamb, Caroline - and Byron
  - and Melbourne
 Lamb, Charles
  - and Christ's Hospital
 Lambert, Constant
 Lambert, Daniel
 Lambeth Conference
 Lambeth Palace
 Lambeth Walk (song and dance)
 Lamb House - and Henry James
 Lambing Flat - riots in 1861
 Lamerie, Paul de - Huguenot silversmith
 Lamizana, Sangoulé - in Upper Volta
 Lancashire - and the cotton industry
 Lancashire hotpot
 Lancaster (bomber)
 Lancaster (city)
 Lancaster, House of
 Lancaster, Osbert
 Lancaster House
 Lancastrians - on English throne
  - descent from Edward III
 Lancelot - in Arthurian romance
  - brief account
 Lancet (journal)
 Lander, Richard - explorer in Africa
 land girls (in World Wars)
 Landmark Trust
 Land of Hope and Glory - Elgar
 Land of my Fathers
 Land Purchase Act - of 1903 in Ireland
 landscape gardening (in Britain)
 landscape painting - the earliest
 landscapes in watercolour - by Dürer
 Landseer, Edwin
  - and Nelson's Column
 Land's End (Cornwall)
 Landsgemeinde - in Schwyz in 1294
  - surviving in Appenzell
 Langdon-Down, John - at Royal Earlswood Hospital
  - founds Normansfield Hospital
 Langland, William - and Piers Plowman
 Langside - battle in 1568
 Langstroth, L. L. - and the 'bee space'
 Langton, Stephen - archbishop
  - and the Magna Carta of 1215
  - and the Magna Carta of 1225
  - brief biography
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