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 labour - obstructed
 Labour Leader - founded by Keir Hardie
 Labour Party (in Britain)
 Labrador - retriever
 La Brea tar pit - in Los Angeles
 Laclos - Les Liaisons Dangereuses
 Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire
 lacquer - origin
 Ladbroke (company)
 ladies' peace - Cambrai in 1529
 Ladino - and the Sephardim
 Ladybird (publisher)
 Lady, The (magazine)
 Lady Alice - Stanley's portable boat
 Lady Chatterley's Lover
 Lady Day
 Lady Lansdowne - iron steamship
 Lady Lever Art Gallery - Port Sunlight
 Lady of Shalott (Tennyson)
 Lady of the Lake - poem by Scott
  - brief account
 Ladysmith - in the Boer War
 Lady's Not for Burnng (Fry)
 Lady Vanishes (Hitchcock)
 lady with a lamp - Florence Nightingale
 Laennec, René
  - invents stethoscope
 Lafayette, Marquis de - at Brandywine
  - commander of the National Guard
 Lafontaine, Mlle - prima ballerina
 La Gioconda - by Leonardo da Vinci
 Lagos - annexed by Britain in 1861
  - as British seat of government
  - as Federal Territory from 1954
 Lagos (in Portugal) - Henry the Navigator
  - battle in 1759
 Lagos, Ricardo - president of Chile
 Laguerre, Louis - Marlborough House
 Laguerre - Petworth House
 Laing, R.D. - founds anti-psychiatry movement
 Laing Art Gallery - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
 Laird, John - and iron steamships
 Laird, Macgregor - and the Alburkah
 Lais - by Villon
 Lake District (Cumbria)
 Lakeland - terrier
 Lakeland Motor Museum - Holker Hall
 Lake Nasser - at Aswan
 Lake Poets
 Laker, Jim
 Lalibela - and rock-cut architecture
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