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 Kidderminster (and carpets)
 Kidnapped (Stevenson)
 Kiel - treaty of 1814
 Kiev - as Viking centre in Russia
  - taken by Vladimir in 980
  - developed in Byzantine style
  - replaced as Russian capital
  - sacked by Golden Horde
 Kija - and Korea
 Kikuyu - in Kenya
  - in the politics of Kenya
  - and the Mau Mau
 Kikuyu Central Association - and Kenyatta
 Killiecrankie, Pass of
 Kilmington Manor - and Pleydell-Bouverie
 Kilpeck (Hereford)
 Kilvert, Francis
 Kilwa - sultanate in Africa
  - and Ibn Batuta
 Kim (Kipling)
 Kimberley - diamonds discovered
  - reached by railway
  - in the Boer War
 Kind Hearts and Coronets
 King, Edward - and Lycidas
 King, John - crossing Australia
 King, Oliver - and Bath Abbey
 King, William - Florence Court
 King Andrew - alias Andrew Jackson
 King Arthur - by Purcell
 king cotton - in the southern USA
 King Edward's Schools
 Kingis Quair - James I
 King James Bible - or Authorized Version
 King Jemmy - in Sierra Leone
 King John - by Shakespeare
 King Lear - by Shakespeare
  - brief account
 King of the Jews - applied to Jesus
 king over the water - James Stuart
 King Philip's War - of 1675-6
 King's Beasts
 King's College, London
 King's College, Cambridge - chapel
  - and Horace Walpole
 King's College Hospital - founded in London
 King's Cross (station)
  - fire in 1987
 king's evil
  - scrofula
  - and Edward the Confessor
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