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 Karno, Fred
 Karume, Abeid Amane - in Zanzibar
 Karzai, Hamid - elected president of Afghanistan
 Kasavubu, Joseph - president of Congo
 Kashgar - under Tibetan rule
 Kashta - king of Cush
 Kassites - and Babylon
 Katanga - copper production from 1911
  - Tshombe declares independence
  - renamed Shaba
 Kato Shirozaemon - Japanese potter
 Katrine, Loch - and Walter Scott
  - brief account
  - water for Glasgow
 Kaunda, Kenneth
 Kaunda, Wezi - assassinated in 1999
 Kauravas - in the Mahabharata
 Kawai, Kanjiro - potter
 Kay, John - and the flying shuttle
  - brief biography
 Kayibanda, Grégoire - in Rwanda
 Kazakhs - brought within Russian empire
 Kazvin - as Persian capital
 Kean, Charles - son of Edmund
 Kean, Edmund
 Keats, John
  - becomes a doctor
  - and the discovery of the Pacific
 Keble, John
 Kebra Nagast - Ethiopian national epic
 Kedleston Hall, Derbyshire
 Keiller, James - marmalade
 Keita, Modibo - president of Mali
 Keith, Minor C. - United Fruit Company
 Kells - and a Travelling family
 Kells, Book of - and Celtic art
 Kelmscott Manor - and Morris
 Kelmscott Press
 kelpie (in Scottish legend)
 kelping - in Scotland
 Kemble, Charles - father of Fanny
 Kemble, Fanny
 Kemble, John Philip - uncle of Fanny
  - and Mrs Siddons
 Kemp, Edward - Knightshayes Court
 Kemp, George - monument to Scott
 Kempis, Thomas à - Imitation of Christ
 Kenilworth Castle
  - and Runnymede
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