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 joruri - Japanese puppet theatre
 Jorvik - York
 Jorvik Viking Centre - York
 Joseph - in the Gospel story
 Joseph I - king of Portugal
 Joseph I - Austrian emperor
 Joseph II - Austrian emperor
  - reforms in Bohemia
  - and Mozart's operas
 Joseph Andrews - by Fielding
 Joseph of Arimathea - Holy Grail
  - and Glastonbury
 Joseph Bonaparte - appointed king of Spain
  - at Vitoria
 Joseph Ferdinand - heir to the Spanish throne
 Josephine - crowned empress in Notre Dame
  - marriage to Napoleon annulled
 Joshua - and the walls of Jericho
 Jos plateau - and Nigerian culture
 Jouhaud, Edmond - and the OAS
 Joule, James
 Journal (Newcastle newspaper)
 Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides - by Boswell
 Journal of the Plague Year - by Defoe
 Journey of the Magi
 Journey's End
 Journey to the Western Islands - 1775
 Jovian - Roman emperor
 Joyce, Kathleen - An Irish Travelling Family
 Juárez, Benito
 Jubilees - in Rome
 jubilees in Britain
 Juchi - son of Genghis Khan
 Judaea - Herod appointed king
 Judah - the region
  - people and kingdom
 Judas Iscariot - betrayal of Jesus
  - and the Gospels
  - in the Inferno
 Judas Maccabaeus - leader of the Jews
 Judas Maccabaeus - oratorio by Handel
 Judges - in the Bible
 Julia - daughter of Julius Caesar
  - death in 54 BC
 Julia - mother of Octavian
 Julia - daughter of Augustus Caesar
  - marries Marcellus and then Agrippa
  - marries Tiberius
 Julia - granddaughter of Augustus
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