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 Johnson, Amy
 Johnson, Andrew
 Johnson, Esther - and Swift
 Johnson, John - and Chelmsford
 Johnson, Samuel
  - brief biography
  - and pleasures of the post chaise
  - on Scottish scenery
  - touched for the `King's Evil'
  - and Lichfield
  - and Lord Chesterfield
  - and Berkeley
  - and John Bull
  - at the Mitre tavern
  - and the Cheshire Cheese
  - on Garrick's villa
  - comment on Pope
 Johnson Matthey - Brink's-Mat robbery
 Johnston, Brian (broadcaster)
 Johnston, Harry - and partition of Africa
  - in Uganda
 Johnston, Joseph - Confederate surrender
 Join, or Die - political cartoon
 joint-stock companies - from 16th century
  - and share transactions
 Jolliet, Louis - French explorer
 Jolly Roger
 Jomon culture - in Japan
 Jonathan, Leabua - in Lesotho
 Jonathan - son of Saul
 Jonathan Maccabaeus - leader of the Jews
 Jonathan's coffee house - Stock Exchange
 Jones, Agnes - nursing in Liverpool
 Jones, Horace - Billingsgate Market
  - Tower Bridge
 Jones, Inigo - and Palladio
  - and Italian stage design
  - and court masques
  - brief biography
  - and Covent Garden
  - Queen's House
 Jones, John Paul - Bonhomme Richard
  - and the Stars and Stripes
 jongleurs - French medieval minstrels
 Jonson, Ben
  - and court masques
  - brief biography
 Jordan, Dorothea - and William IV
 joruri - Japanese puppet theatre
 Jorvik - York
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