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  - in China
  - in Elizabethan England
  - in Ethiopia
  - in Latin America
  - in the Philippines
  - run 16th century hospitals
  - visiting Akbar
  - and Voltaire
 Jesuit's bark - history of the drug
  - and Sir Robert Talbor
  - and Aramaic
  - and Pontius Pilate
  - as a prophet in Islam
 Jesus College, Cambridge - and Coleridge
 jewel in the crown - India
 Jewel in the Crown (TV)
 Jewish Antiquities - by Josephus
 Jewish calendar - lunar and solar cycles
 Jewish Chronicle (in Britain)
 Jewish chronology - origins
 Jewish Diaspora - from the 6th century BC
 Jewish War - history by Josephus
 Jew of Malta - by Marlowe
  - tour through time
  - massacred in Jerusalem by crusaders
  - and Edward I
  - welcomed to Istanbul in 1492
  - in Britain
  - blamed for the spread of cholera
  - Russian pogroms of 1905
  - in Mein Kampf
  - emigration from Germany in the 1930s
  - in the Holocaust
  - expelled from Libya in 1970
 Jiang Jieshi - in World War II
 jig (folk dance)
 jihad - meaning of the word
 Jihad, al- - terrorist group in Egypt
 Jiménez de Cisneros - archbishop of Toledo
 Jimmu-Tenno - legendary Japanese emperor
 Jimmy's (hospital)
 jingoism - the original outbreak
  - brief account
 jiva - in Jainism
 jizya - abolished by Akbar
  - reimposed by Aurangzeb
 Joachimsthaler - Bohemian coin
 Joan I - queen of Naples
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