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 Jamestown - founded in 1607
  - and the Powhatan confederacy
 Jammeh, Yahya - president of Gambia
 Jamnia - and the yeshiva tradition
 jam tomorrow
 Jane (cartoon character)
 Jane Eyre
 Jane Grey - and the English crown
 Jane Seymour - and Henry VIII
  - painted by Holbein
  - brief biography
 Jane's Fighting Ships
 janissary - origin of word
 Jansen, Cornelius - theologian
 Jansenists - and Louis XIV
 Janssen, Gheerart - effigy of Shakespeare
 Janssen, Zacharias - and the microscope
  - tour through time
  - story of creation
  - spread of Buddhism
  - in World War I
  - and the Axis Powers in 1936
  - in World War II
 Japanese colour woodcuts - 18th century
 Japanese literature - in the 8th century
 Japanese script - adapted from Chinese
 japanning (in Britain)
 Jardine Matheson
 Jarlshof (Shetlands)
 Jarrow (Tyne and Wear)
  - and Bede
 jasper - Wedgwood
 Jassy - treaty of 1792
 Java - and Islam
  - falls to Japanese in 1942
 Java man - discovery in 1891
 Jawara, Dawda - president of Gambia
 Jay Treaty - in 1794
 Jebusites - in Jerusalem
 Jedburgh (Borders)
 Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse
 Jefferson, Thomas
  - and Edward Jenner
  - and Alexander Hamilton
  - president of the USA
  - owning slaves
  - and the Lousiana Purchase
  - and the Lewis and Clark expedition
  - and presidents from Virginia
  - writes to Jenner
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