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 Ivanhoe (Scott)
 Iveagh Bequest - Kenwood House
 ivory - and Christian reliefs
  - in east African trade
 Iwo Jima - battle in 1945
 Izanagi and Izanami - in mythology
 Izmir - taken by Timur
 Izvestiya - in the 1905 revolution
 Jaca - first capital of Aragon
 Jack and Jill (nursery rhyme)
 Jack and the Beanstalk (folk tale)
 Jack Russell - terrier
 Jack the Giant Killer
 Jack the Ripper
 jacks (the game)
 Jackson, Andrew
  - and Florida
  - and the battle of Horseshoe Bend
  - at New Orleans in 1815
 Jackson, Barry - and Birmingham
 Jackson, John - champion prize-fighter
 Jackson, Stonewall - at Second Bull Run
  - wins nickname 'Stonewall'
 Jackson county, Missouri - and Mormons
 Jacksonian democracy - and the franchise
 Jacob - and the twelve tribes of Israel
 Jacobean (the term)
 Jacobin club - and the French Revolution
 Jacobins - as opponents of the Girondins
 Jacobite (the term)
 Jacobites - and the Stuart cause
 Jacquard loom - introduced to Britain
 Jacques Coeur - merchant
 Jadwiga - queen of Poland
 Jaffa - and Napoleon in 1799
 Jaggard, William - First Folio
 Jagiello - Lithuanian ruler
  - Polish version of Jogaila
 Jagiellon dynasty - royal line in Poland
 Jaguar (car company)
  - the E-type
 Jahangir - Moghul emperor
  - and Moghul miniatures
  - and the Sikh guru Arjan
  - and Mercator's projection
  - and monasticism
 Jaipur - princess marries Akbar
 Jalalabad - falls to Taliban in 1996
 Jama'a al-Islamiya - terrorist group
 Jamahiriya - in Libya from 1977
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