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 industrial effluence - health hazard in Victorian towns
  - tour through time
  - in Britain
 infanticide - in the 19th century
  - and drink
  - and illegitimacy
 infant mortality (in Britain)
 infant prodigies (in Britain)
 infectious diseases - children in developing world
  - in industrialising societies
 inflation - in Germany in 1923
 influenza - history of the disease
 influenza pandemic, 1918
 Ingókfuyr Arnarson - and Iceland
 Ingoldsby Legends
 Ingram, Herbert - Illustrated London News
 Inkatha - founded in 1924
 Inkatha Freedom Party - in the 1990s
 Inkerman - battle in 1854
 In Memoriam (Tennyson)
 Inner Temple - Inns of Court
 Innocent I - and Alaric
 Innocent II - and the crossbow
 Innocent III
  - and King John
 Innocent IV - and the Inquisition
 Innocent VIII - and Giovanni de' Medici
 Inns of Court
 inoculation - practised in Asia
  - and Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
 Inquisition - established by Gregory IX
  - in Spain
 insane - unchained in Paris
 insanity - treatment in early modern period
  - 'moral therapy' in 18th century
  - growth in the 19th century
  - and lunatic asylums in 19th century
  - and alcoholism
 insects - in evolution
 Institute of Contemporary Arts (London)
 Institutes of Calvin - burnt in France
 Instruction - proposal for Russian reform
 Instructions for the fleet in fighting - 1653
 Instrument of Government - of 1653
 insulin - discovery
 intaglio - in printing
 intelligence - and the measurement of IQ
  - and the 11-plus
  - and Stanford-Binet tests
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