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 Ideal Home Exhibition
 Ides of March - and Julius Caesar
 Idomeneo - by Mozart
 Idris - and Cader Idris
 Idris, Mohammed - Senussi leader
  - becomes Idris I
 Idrisids - ruling from Fez
 Idylls of the King (Tennyson)
 If (Kipling)
 Ife - ancient kingdom in Africa
  - terracotta sculptures
  - brass and copper sculpture
 Ightam Mote, Kent
 Ignatius of Loyola - founder of the Jesuits
 'ignorance is bliss'
 I-go - Japanese board game
 Igraine - and King Arthur
 Iguala, Plan of - in 1821
 Ikaria - sunk by U-boat in World War I
 Ikhshidid dynasty - in Egypt
 Ile de la Cité - inhabited bridges
 Île Longue - passage grave in Brittany
 Iliad - and Homer
  - Greek chieftains and their kingdoms
  - the plot
  - and boxing
  - and wrestling
  - and Alexander
  - translated by Pope
 Il-khans - Mongol rulers of Persia
 Ilkley (West Yorks)
 Illinois - statehood in 1818
 illustrated books - in European printing
 Illustrated London News - printing
  - brief history
 Illyria - as known to the Greeks
 Ilmen, Lake - as trading centre
 I'm All Right Jack
 IMF - and Kenya in the 1990s
 Imhotep - Egyptian minister
 Imitation of Christ - by Thomas à Kempis
 immigration (into Britain)
 Immortals - in the Persian army
 impeachment - by Stuart parliaments
  - of President Johnson in 1868
  - of Collor de Mello in 1992
 imperial cities - within the German empire
 Imperial College Science & Technology
 Imperial War Museum (London)
 imperial weights and measures
 Imphal - battle in 1944
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