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 Huxley family
 Huyghen, Jan - and the Dutch East Indies
 Huygens, Christiaan - pendulum clock
  - and the spiral balance spring
 Hyde, Anne - mother of Mary II and Anne
  - wife of James II
 Hyde, Douglas - and the Gaelic League
 Hyde, Edward - earl of Clarendon
 Hyde Park
 Hyderabad - French and English rivalry
 Hyder Ali - ruler of Mysore
 hydrogen - the first nuclei and atoms
  - and Cavendish
  - named by Lavoisier
 Hyksos - ruling in Egypt
 Hylton, Jack
  - Tagg's Island
 Hymns Ancient and Modern
 Hyndman, Henry - Social Democratic Federation
 hypodermic syringe - history
 hysterectomy - in 20th century
 hysteria - and the womb
 Iala, Kumba - in Guinea-Bissau
 iatrochemistry - chemistry applied to medicine
 Iberian peninsula - Spain and Portugal
  - early history
 ibises - mummified
 Ibn Batuta - Muslim traveller
  - at Kilwa
  - in Mali
 Ibo - rebellion in 1966
  - and Biafra
 Ibrahim Lodi - at Panipat
 Ibrahim Pasha
  - and Greece in 1824
 ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts)
 ice age - discovery of
  - routes into Australia and America
  - in Britain
 ice ages
  - tour through time
  - and Lutheranism
 Ice March - in Russia in 1918
 Iceni - rising under Boudicca
 Ich dien - Prince of Wales
 I Ching - the 'Classic of Changes'
 ichthys - Christian symbol
 ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries)
 Icknield Way
 Ickworth, Suffolk
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