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 Hudson, George (railway king)
 Hudson, Henry - explorations
  - brief biography
 Hudson Bay - and Henry Hudson
  - ceded to Britain in 1713
 Hudson River - and Henry Hudson
 Hudson's Bay Company - and competitors
  - brief history
 hue and cry - in Britain
 Huerta, Victoriano - president of Mexico
 Hugh Capet - king of France
 Hugh of Lincoln - and Mary Magdalene
  - bishop of Lincoln
 Hugh the Great - and Capetian dynasty
 Hughes, Arthur - Pre-Raphaelite painter
 Hughes, Charlotte - oldest Briton
 Hughes, Richard - High Wind in Jamaica
 Hughes, Ted
 Hughes, Thomas - Tom Brown's Schooldays
 Hugo, Victor - and Napoleon
 Huguenots - and Reformation in France
  - and the Edict of Nantes
  - and Richelieu
  - and Louis XIV
  - in Britain
 Huitzilopochtli - Aztec sun god
 Hulagu - Mongol campaign against Persia
  - and Baghdad
  - and the Mamelukes
  - and the Assassins
 Hull (Kingston-upon-Hull)
 Hulton, Edward G. - Picture Post
 Human Genome Project - history
 human sacrifice - in China
  - in Mesoamerica
  - and druids
  - and the Aztecs
 humanism - and scholasticism
 Humayun - Moghul emperor
  - and Moghul miniatures
  - his tomb in Delhi
 Humber estuary
 Humble Petition and Advice - of 1657
 Hume, David
  - brief biography
  - empiricism
 Hume, John - and the peace process
 humours - the three in Indian medicine
  - the four in Greek medicine
 Humpty Dumpty
  - and Alice
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