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 Houses of Parliament (London)
 House that Jack built
 Housman, A.E.
 Houston, Sam - and the Texan republic
 Howard, Ebenezer - garden cities
 Howard, Henrietta - Marble Hill House
 Howard, John
 Howard, Leslie
 Howard League for Penal Reform
 Howard of Effingham - and the Armada
 Howard's End (Forster)
 'How different, how very different...'
 Howe, Geoffrey - resignation in 1990
  - and Mrs Thatcher
 Howe, Richard - and the First of June
 Howe, William - British commander
  - and signalling
 Howerd, Frankie
 How Green was my Valley
 Howth - Irish volunteer arms in 1914
 Hoxne Treasure
 Hoylake (golf course)
 Hoyle, Edmond - and whist
  - brief account
 HP Sauce
 Hradcany palace - and defenestration
 Hrothgar - king of Denmark in Beowulf
 Hsin - Chinese dynasty
  - and the Han dynasty
 Huaca Prieta - early settled community
 Huang Ho (Yellow River) - and An-yang
 Hubertusburg - treaty of 1763
 Hudson, George (railway king)
 Hudson, Henry - explorations
  - brief biography
 Hudson Bay - and Henry Hudson
  - ceded to Britain in 1713
 Hudson River - and Henry Hudson
 Hudson's Bay Company - and competitors
  - brief history
 hue and cry - in Britain
 Huerta, Victoriano - president of Mexico
 Hugh Capet - king of France
 Hugh of Lincoln - and Mary Magdalene
  - bishop of Lincoln
 Hugh the Great - and Capetian dynasty
 Hughes, Arthur - Pre-Raphaelite painter
 Hughes, Charlotte - oldest Briton
 Hughes, Richard - High Wind in Jamaica
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